“Thank you for the tremendous help you’ve been to me! Even in just a few weeks I’ve noticed a remarkable improvement in my speaking & singing voice – this is a huge relief to me! Thank you so much for you wisdom & encouragement – music appreciated! Looking forward to next year & even more growth in skill & confidence! Thank you!!!”

Northgate Alaska

“We are starting to use the Vocal Gym CDs with our worship leaders and vocalists. These excercises are a great resource for improving our skills and are easy enough to understand, yet challenging enough to keep our more advanced singers growing as well. Looking forward to seeing how far we go! Thanks for these tools!”

DJ Heath

“Vocal Tuition has really helped me to increase my knowledge of music and to improve my overall singing ability. I have visited many other singing teachers in the past, but Colleen has taught me the necessary techniques and vocal exercises to strengthen my voice, identify and develop my unique singing style, and to gain confidence when performing in public. I highly recommend Colleen as a singing teacher as she displays a professional approach, and shows a genuine interest in her students.”

Caroline L.

Colleen Bleazard from HIW is a skilled and talented singing teacher and album producer. Through Colleen’s creative and quirky teaching style, I’ve been able to learn complex harmonies, build my vocal strength and perform publicly with confidence. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work on a studio album, The Gospel of Peace, with Colleen and got to witness her amazing gift for creating harmonies and turning simple recordings into works of art.
I also highly recommend Collen’s Vocal Gym as an essential part of every professional singer’s toolkit – it’s what I use to warm up on my way to every gig.

Ali C.

I was fortunate to have vocal tuition with Colleen when I started singing. I do believe that the belief in me, the encouragement, and the techniques have made all the difference! Thank you so much, Colleen.

More to come…