“Crazy” is a rock pop EP with each song having a completely different sound. Three of the songs make a great contemporary praise and worship set while the other three mention God briefly if at all. This provides a more subtle approach appealing to a wider market.

The first song “For You Are” is a rock song with a Creed feel using bel canto voice placed as a solo instrument set against rock guitars and crunchy vocal harmonies. This is followed by another rock song “Crazy On You”; but in contrast is mixed with a bit of rap and rhythmic vocals. A total feel-good experience.

Then the mood changes to a jazz pop style in the song “And Live”. The second section of this song returns to the rock influences using reversed guitar for effects and drum loops.

“Eternal Love” is a rock ballad, with its easy listening 7th chords and vocal instrumental scat, it sits nicely in a laid back hint of jazz. In total contrast “Majesty” is a slow ballad with strings, timpani, and piano while “Call My Name” brings the mood back with a cheeky rock number using brass, guitar licks, and a walking bass.

This album is available for purchase by itself from the Harmony in Worship shop, or as digital multimedia resource e-book, and as single song resource packages if you only wish to purchase one or two songs. Hard copy multimedia books are also available for purchase.

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Track Title
Track Sample
Crazy EP
(complete with 6 tracks)
full mix
For You Are
Crazy On You
And Live
Eternal Love
Call My Name