These tracks are a gift for anyone who wants to develop harmony singing using Harmony in Worship’s traditional style of aural learning. Each track is remixed for part rehearsal, meaning you can hear one vocal line louder in relation to the others. You can also get a few singers together for a performance; these CDs are a great way to spend personal practice time before getting together. In addition to rehearsal and full mix tracks, you also get notated music of the parts and “no-vox” & “low-vox” backing tracks. The low-vox track is designed for use in performance where the overall vocal sound may need a bit of a boost.

Click the “” icon next to the player under each song title to be taken to the shop page where you can “purchase” the rehearsal package for free!



You can download the full-mix-only compilation package that includes every track available thus far by clicking here.

Still to come...