This installment in the Vocal Gym Series concentrates on the singer's development of aural music theory. Not only does it serve to train the singer’s musical ear to recognise pitches within various scales, it also helps the singer begin to identify the basic building blocks of chordal structure. With practice, this will aid in training the singer to audibly discern part-singing for themselves within a wide range of music.

Each track on this resource comes with an aural example at the beginning of the exercise, then allows the singer to continue on their own. The exercises are set to a rhythm to allow the singer to concentrate on pitches rather than trying to sing before the exercise moves on, as is the case with some pre-recorded exercise programs - making learning memorable and fun.

These exercises are not only great for the beginner, but can also challenge the seasoned performer and help them flex vocal muscles they may not use on a regular basis. Available as either Male or Female CD.

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NOTE: Each download comes complete with CD disc & cover artwork with written instructions.

Track Title
Track Sample
Ear Training CD
(complete with 15 tracks)
(M) Male Sample
(F) Female Sample
5-Note Scales, 3rds & 5ths (F)
Random Scale Degrees (M)
Random Notes (F)
Minor Scale
Degrees 5 - 8 (M)
Octave Leaps &
Broken Major Chords (F)
12-Note Chromatic Scales
& Diminished Leaps (M)