The Founder/CEO

In 2005, Colleen Bleazard immigrated with her husband to Australia from England. With a passion for Harmony in Worship (HiW), her dream to develop resources for aural learning had started its journey. Since then, Colleen has published two books using her first two EPs with multimedia resources, a 3rd album with scores and audio tracks, four vocal training CDs, free training documents, and audio downloads for developing harmonies to well-known songs. In 2013, Colleen produced HiW’s first double album “The Gospel of Peace” and is now studying digital editing to aid her in HiW’s next project: a multimedia book for children entitled “Songs for Angus”.

Apart from being the CEO of Harmony in Worship, Colleen also runs the training arm of the business “Vocal Tuition” for private and corporate vocal development and performance. She also sings with HiW’s vocal group. Her dream is to see HiW reach its full potential of multimedia training internationally for the performing arts in worship to Jesus Christ.

The Performers

Dominique Farah

Dominique is a high school teacher in NSW. She joined Harmony in Worship in 2010 after taking singing lessons with Colleen and participating in a vocal workshop offered by HiW. She has been singing in church choirs and writing songs since she was 10. She sang with a French choir in Sydney for 15 years and then followed her passion for working with young people to lead youth and children’s choirs in a number of Sydney parishes. Dominique is experienced in organising church events and concerts. In 2008, she lead a team that performed at the Vocations Expo as part of the group Fire and Light for World Youth Day that year. Dominique is also a songwriter for Harmony in Worship.

Joseph Farah

Joseph is a project manager for his own business and joined Harmony in Worship in 2012 as a musician. He is a self-taught guitarist and songwriter who has devoted his talent to the church. Joseph, along with his wife Dominique, has been leading youth and children’s choirs for many years in a number of Sydney parishes. He was also part of the team with the Fire and Light group for World Youth Day 2008.

Melody Pascoe

Melody is a case worker for the Salvation Army as part of a busy crisis community centre. Melody joined the group in 2012 after attending an HiW vocal workshop. She has extensive experience and training in the vocal arts; beginning at age 5 with singing and dancing at the Johnny Young Talent School and moving to classical singing by age 8. In her early teens, Melody began singing at church; at the age of 17, she sang with the Central Coast Philharmonic. Melody also earned an Advanced Singing Certificate with Trinity College of England. She has been very involved in global community outreach through her various mission trips around the world; one trip in which she lead a choir of women in the Papua New Guinean jungle.

Caroline Labour

Bio forthcoming...

Administration Staff

Carl Bleazard

Carl is the senior technical support engineer at ATSCO for Toshiba Business Phones in Australia and New Zealand. As Colleen’s husband, he has supported her through the years by being her personal sound engineer for multiple bands, leading worship, choir productions, solo performances and now as technician for Harmony in Worship’s vocal group.

Stephen Knouse

Stephen has been surrounded by music and the arts since he was born as his mother's side of the family is quite creative. He has been involved with most aspects of the arts since a young age - be it singing, self-teaching of piano, visual arts, theatre, or anything else he could get his hands on. Throughout his education, he as recieved numerous honours and awards in music and the arts. Stephen and Colleen ended up working together through Hillsong International Leadership College and soon, Colleen invited him to help her on a side project with her, at the time fledgling, company Harmony in Worship. He has been working with us since that time in different capacities: vocally on "Crazy" and the Vocal Gym CDs for ear training and speech/cry transition; instrumentally on "Crazy" as keys and digital arranging, and has also designed many of the graphics/marketing for HiW's website and products. He is currently working with HiW remotely from his home in the USA.